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Custom Search Engine Strategies

An Internet Search on Search Engine Strategies tells it all: it seems that everyone has something to say about the topic. Austin Web Studio provides reason into the madness by offering customized search engine optimization services for its client according to their unique and spesific needs with regards to their target audience and market place. Each of our client's web site's metatags and content is optimized for search engines, and each of our client receive an extensive web site traffic increase plan without charge. For clients interested in thorough site promotion done by us, we provide detailed key word analysis services, web site listing services, help in signing up to pay per click listings and other paid listing services, and annual report with analysis on the development of their web site traffic. We cover all the corners and base our strategies and advise on the most reliable research and online tools available. Our goal is to gain best possible results according to your budget.

Building Data Driven Dynamic Web Sites

By utilizing an online relational database a dynamic data driven web site can bring your site to life with content individualized for each viewer. By using cookies your site can be optimized to change its text, images and colors on each visit making you web presence come across fresh and updated to your web site's frequent visitors.

With a dynamic data driven web site, your web site's all document and image content can be made searchable using keywords to locate the information the visitors are looking for. Say a customer at your online store is looking for a certain product, why not show the customer not only the product he/she is looking for but also related products they might be interested in. The data driven dynamic solution enables a customized user experience that can very well differentiate your web site or your online store from your competition.


Austin Web Studio designs complex web applications by utilizing PHP, Perl, ASP, .NET, MySQL technologies. We cover
- employment applications
- online calendars
- web forums and chat rooms
- interactive presentations
- interactive forms with validation
- sophisticated cookie management
- online dictionaries
- password protected files and directories
- blogs


Austin Web Studio creates custom online forms by utilizing PHP, ASP and .NET technologies. We go beyond basic contact forms by designing and programming

- secure online forms
- secure medical information forms
- user feedback forms
- complex contact forms
- questionaires
- product reviews


Austin Web Studio provides technical content management solutions by utilizing PHP, ASP and .NET technologies:

- online product inventories
- web site data integrations
- protected e-document distributions

ECOMMERCE (online stores)

Austin Web Studio provides custom ecommerce solutions with sophisticated features:

- secure shopping carts
- realtime payment processing
- realtime product inventory tracking
- interactive and searchable product catalogs
- shipping calculators


Austin Web Studio offers professional database programming services for multiple purposes such as:

- customer registeries
- virtual iventory systems
- product catalogs
- online directories
- custom searches


Austin Web Studio offers Custom Search Engine and Web Site Promotion Strategies accrording to each client's unique needs.



is a web design and web development company based in Austin, Texas. Austin Web Studio focuses on delivering both technically and visually attractive and sophisticated web presences to our clients. We work by seeking a coherent understanding of our client's business environment, corporate identity, branding needs and target audience.

Austin Web Studio believes in creative balance. As any good story or study, the final web product should come across as a coherent entity with all its elements in their right places. Each custom web presence is designed to communicate a complete and authentic message reflecting our client's unique attributes.

Please take a look around our web site to see how Austin Web Studio can contribute to your company's visual presence and brand building.

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Please note that in 2006, Austin web design company Austin Web Studio, working originally only out of Austin, changed its name to INTERARIA ( to better reflect that the company’s web design and web development client base had extended beyond the Austin metro area into Texas to include businesses with offices located in the Dallas Metroplex region as well as the Houston and San Antonio markets.