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Interaria provides all Web graphics design and Web code development services to make your company’s social media presence unique and cohesive with your company’s brand identity and messaging.

Our social media identity design and integration services include:

  • Setting up and customizing your company’s Twitter page: background graphics, layout colors, link colors, avatar icon

  • Setting up and customizing your company’s social media widgets placed on your company’s website: Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Flickr feed etc.

  • Setting up and customizing content sharing interfaces: Twitter ’Tweet’ buttons, blog content sharing icons etc.

  • Selecting or custom designing social media icons to be placed on your company website: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Blog etc

  • Customizing your company’s Blog with optimal layout style, font sizes and styles, colors and graphics design elements

Some Social Media Design Examples by Interaria
Customized Twitter page for Revitalize Laser:

Customized Facebook page set up for Revitalize Laser:

Customized Twitter Feed on Revitalize Laser Website:

Customized Facebook Feed on Revitalize Laser Website:

Customized Flickr® Feed on Mozart’s Coffee Website:

Social Media Icon selections for AHI, Mozart’s Coffee, and Revitalize Laser:

Facebook ’Like’ icon customization for Mozart’s Coffee:

Facebook Recommend and Twitter Tweet icons for Content Sharing on Mozart’s Coffee Website:

Blog posting social media sharing interface integration:

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Interaria Web Design Dallas
Interaria Web Design Dallas