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Interaria utilizes XHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, AJAX, Flash, PHP, ASP, MySQL code and programming languages — always providing the most optimal Web code solutions.

 Website Code Development: Modern Web Coding 
  • Optimizing Web Graphics: Optimizing Web Graphics for the Web with pixel level precision for speeding page load times.

  • Custom XHTML programming: Custom coding Extensible HTML (XHTML) coded page layout structures optimized for decreasing page load times.

  • Custom CSS programming: Custom coding Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for defining the website’s look and style in one centralized file.

  • SSI / PHP programming: Custom coding Server Side Includes (PHP) which breaks the XHTML coded page into sections which further increases page caching and speeds load times.

  • Custom Javascript, AJAX programming & Widgets: Custom coding HTML and javascript for the display of Flash elements. AJAX image viewing systems. AJAX based dynamic components.

  • PHP/MySQL driven dynamic Web development and custom Web applications

AJAX is a new technology for interactivity

Flash is no longer the only technology platform for creating interactivity. Newly developing AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) and HTML5 Web technologies are bringing in new ways to create animations and interactivity. AJAX brings dynamic data interactivity to Web pages in a deeper level. AJAX loads on a web page without having to reload the entire page each time when calling in action. Before AJAX, Flash was the only way to create interactivity without having to reload the web page each time. For instance, Flash used to be the only way to create interactive slideshows of images with transitional animation effects. Other option — before AJAX — was to create slideshows by loading images to unique html pages individually. The emerging AJAX technology has changed this: today slideshows can be coded with AJAX, for instance by utilizing a rich variety of customizable jQuery plug-ins (the most popular JavaScript library in use today). Austin Web design company Interaria is very excited about AJAX and the rich open source movement by jQuery. We specialize in integrating interactive components with content management systems in order for our clients to be independently able to add and edit web content without any coding requirements.

HTML5 is the new code platform for Web Video

HTML5 doesn’t perhaps sound all that fancy but it is a new developing programming language that is the next major revision of the HTML standard. HTML5 incorporates new features such as a video playback and a drag-and-drop technology that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. HTML5 video player especially will be useful for incorporating video to Apple iPhone and iPad that currently do not support Adobe Flash Player. Apple describes HTML5 as "open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient". This Apple’s endorsement doesn’t sound so sweet for Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player at the moment.

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