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Website architecture & user experience design is rooted to the notion that websites as of today should be developed as dynamic rather than locking a user to a static website that is hard to update and integrate with new content and features. Web architecture involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria - just like "traditional" architecture. Your company most likely prefers a website that can be expanded, that can easily be integrated with new content and features, and that recognizes its users different needs. Austin Web design company Interaria is very passionate about providing database driven Web solutions that create dynamic user experiences and support the organic growth of Web content and media.

The shift has been to move away from the static brochure thinking to a dynamic web that serves its users with interactivity and latest information. As websites have become more complex and dynamic, the need for solid website architecture planning and user experience design is more important than ever before in order to develop websites that are functional, easy and user-intuitive to use, and can further grow when new content and features are required to be integrated. The need for solid web architecture planning has been so documented that the Web media industry has created a new profession for this phase - a Web architect. Some think that calling oneself a Web architect is just trying to sound extra fancy while others consider this a real profession, separate/different from a Web designer and Web developer.

 User-Intuitive Design in Focus 
Establishing aesthetic, authentic and functional balance is very important in our web development process. Austin Web design company Interaria collaborates Web architecture planning in a team of Web designers and Web developers in order to make sure that all variables of the Web architecture plan have been mapped and taken into account. Each team member brings into the table their point of views and expertise on usability, which as a hole tests and hones the designs and plans according to the full criteria of technical, aesthetic and functional variables. Our Web architecture plans are detailed and they take into account several layers such as future content and page growth, future needs to revise menu systems, user registration flow, dynamic user experience of registered and logged in users/members, and dynamic display of custom messsages.

Interaria provides both front-end and back-end (admin control area) web architecture plans. Specifically during this phase Interaria plans out and designs site structures such as:
  • Web site navigation system and hierarchy design
  • Website’s future interface and content growth
  • Call-to-Action design
  • Data base driven dynamic user interfaces and user-flow design
  • User login areas
  • Member accounts / areas design
  • My Account designs
  • Dynamic messages design
  • Dynamic content by cookies design
  • Shopping Cart design
  • Web application details and design
  • Social media integration and interactive design
  • Flexibility to change layout styles and design styles
  • Requirements for optimal Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search engine friendly site map and page hierarcrhy design
The deeper and larger the scale of the website, the more important this phase is. Contact Austin Web design company Interaria for more information about Web architecture.

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