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 Our Terminology & Approach 
With the terms brand and branding we refer to the company’s visual identity and message cluster to its audience, often the consumer. A strong brand position distinguishes the company from competition, answers in unique way to the "Why Us?" question, potentially leaving a memory mark in the consumer’s mind or mind set.

Interaria sees solid branding as an act of creating and sending out an invitation to join. In fact, according to our view, the consumer or target audience should not feel targeted but rather feel invited to join the company message and its value building promise. Solid branding aims to understand and pinpoint the audience’s taste and needs, and create a message that they can recognize, identify, distinguish, notice, and ultimately choose and want to join. What ever the style and content of the message, it should always come across confident and consistent in order to rise up from the noise of other competing and often compelling messages in a potentially very crowded market place and saturated business environment.

Ideally before drawing a line or presenting a sketch, Interaria’s aim is to learn and get to know as much as possible your company’s brand messaging goals. We want to make sure to develop a solid design plan and strategy that builds upwards from the identified and set marketing goals and expectations vs. relying on some pre-existing or stereotypical ideas that we might have about your field of business.

Below are some framing talking points and conversation openers to identify your company’s unique position and base for the identity message. Especially if you are starting a new business, this ground-up approach is not a bad idea to go over:

  • Where does your business operate?
  • Who poses the relevant competition and how?
  • What can be said about your competition’s Web presences and Web strategies?

  • What are your company’s products/services?
  • What unique aspects do these products/services carry?
  • What is your company story to the consumer and your people? What is special and unique about your business?
  • How could the positive differentiation be further highlighted and communicated?

  • Who is your target audience or target audiences?
  • Who are the consumers who will visit the website?
  • How will the audience recognize that they are part of the company’s target audience?

  • What do we know about the life style, taste and preferences of the audiences?
  • What kind of branding would be accepted and desired?

  • How would you rate the importance of a new/update website for your company?
  • How important is the website as an identity builder in internal and external communication in your company?
  • Will the website be the primary source for marketing and/or generating revenue?

  • Take a look at our brand workout for further clarifying your company’s market position and for establishing effective brand identity & messaging:

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Web Design

INTERARIA provides website solutions utilizing data-driven Web technologies. We create user-friendly Web solutions and graphical user interfaces (GUI) to empower your company.

BRAND WORKOUT by Interaria

Working through the Interaria brand workout questions may be of help in clarifying your company’s unique brand position, and of help for creating a strong and consistent, differentiated brand stategy for the Web.

 Thoroughly Integrated Message is Important 
Although we firmly believe and see identity design as target audience driven — based on the taste and preferences by the targeted and invited consumers — we also very much believe that solid brand design strongly takes into account what the client really thinks and feels about their visual presence and messaging. Our prior experience tells that brand and identity design foremost must feel right to the client, or else it won’t root deeply to the company’s communication and way of doing business, facing a danger to remain artificial, shallow, and something that is fast and easy to change, over and over again — none of these building a consistent identity position for long-term business. Most importantly our client’s company for key parts must accept, like and feel their marketing message, identity design (such as the look and feel of their website) for the consumer to feel the same.

 Developing New Website Opens Doors for a Fresh Approach 
Our goal is always — unless otherwise decided — create Web media that is consistent with our client’s identity. We thoroughly understand cohesiveness when it comes to use of established trademarks, logos, colors and other identity shapes. We also recognize that often times developing a new website gives our client’s company a chance to look deeper into the existing identity design material. Perhaps the client would like to integrate a new slogan, refine the company logo, refresh the old colors, or completely reorganize or establish a new way to crystallize and present the company’s core message.

At best, the identity and brand design brings in new modern approach to already accepted and praised visual elements, blows fresh wind to old material, and creates completely new when a new direction is needed for new market place, target audience or business position. Though perhaps rooted to the old company tradition, identity design should always feel and come across modern and fresh, especially when presented and communicated in new media environment such as World Wide Web. Clients contact Interaria for our brand focused and brand building modern design language that with its style is rooted to fresh modern clarity, establishes visual balance, respects the client’s business position, and takes the client further than the set expectations and goals.

 Website Identity & Graphics Design 
Our work methods are fairly simple: Based on our mutually gained understanding and set goals for the visual brand identity, we work vigorously towards establishing and refining it until everything feels right. We typically always design and present identity and visual design for the Home page, and for each page of changing information structure or other changing variables. Our focus is to establish concept and narrative that can be carried through the entire site building a consistent visual presence for the website. The further we get in the process the more easier it will become to put all the pieces of the puzzle to their correct places. Ideas turns into clarity, shapes turn into important markers of the message and identity. Only upon your company’s full and final approval do we move forward to the programming and coding phase of the project.

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