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 How do I know how to use Interaria CMS?
We will walk you through our system and show you all key functionalities. We will answer to any of your questions. If you can use typical office programs, using CMS solution developed by Interaria is like learning another small task and skill set. You will access the Content Management System through your company Web site’s Login interface, by typing a username and password. The content management system looks kind of like a mini website with organized titles and links. The actual interface is like filling content into an online form. The more often you do updates, the easier and more routine the task will get. Upon your feedback to us, we can always come back and make changes and further develop the interfaces if certain update routines come across as too complicated.
 My company has IT personnel but as a marketing manager I would really prefer to do the web updates by myself or by my staff.
Yes, we understand that the relationship between the IT and Marketing can be complex and we certainly don’t want to be stepping to anyone’s toes. Generally speaking, Interaria’s CMS solutions are routinely used by marketing managers and administrative staff. In the best case, our systems are seamlessly supported by the client’s IT staff that sees the benefits of marketing and development departments being able to maintain the website with less service requests to the IT or to Interaria. Depending on the update needs and site content growth goals, a well planned and implemented content management system may pay itself off with measureable savings on both time requirements and third-party service fees.
 Where will the Interaria CMS system reside?
Interaria CMS runs in your Web site and Web server. The only requirement is that your Web host supports PHP/MySQL database code and scripts. You will be able to login to the CMS via your Web site’s login area by entering in a username and password. You can change the password when ever you want.
 Can the Interaria CMS be customized to match with my company’s Web site identity?
Yes, although our CMS system is mainly tables and lists, we do use some highlight colors. These colors can be matched with your company’s identity if requested.
 What is your fee structure? Do you charge any licensing fees?
Interaria does not charge any monthly or yearly licensing fees. There are absolutely no running fees and no strange hidden fees. Upon completing and settling on the CMS development project, your company will have all user rights and ownership to the CMS (outside of re-selling it to another Web design and developement company or agency). If your company at some point wants to add more features to the CMS, we will provide a custom estimate just like the case of starting a work on any other Web development task or project.
 What are the benefits of Interaria CMS solution over Joomla for instance?
Joomla is an open source content management system which is free to use but does come with limiting options. In contrast to Joomla’s system,

1) Interaria CMS always adapts to your Web site’s unique design and layout. With Joomla, you can only choose from pre-set templates. This might be OK for a small home project but if your company requires brand focused, differentiated identity design, then the limitations are obvious.

2) Interaria CMS integrates with database driven features and applications. For instance, if we develop a special online rates and booking application for your charter company, you can update these rates via Interaria CMS. With Joomla, you simply cannot do updates that are tied into managing custom Web applications.

3) Interaria CMS is developed by your local team, and we are here to provide support and make changes to your code when and if need be. Joomla on the other hand is an open source system that is not supported by any specific team or organization. In case you will experience a hindering bug in Joomla, there is very little you can do, other than report it and hope that someone will eventually fix it.
 Is Content Management System (CMS) the only way to update our company Web site?
No, it is not. For instance, you can edit HTML text by logging into your Web hosting account’s web control panel online file management program where typically html based text is viewable and can be edited and saved. If your company has IT people who can update the site, that is another option; they can either access the files through the Web hosting account’s web control panel or through a file upload program (FTP), and code the content in as they best see it. Thirdly, Interaria is available to update your site according to your company’s needs. We can provide an estimate when considering between a CMS solution and manual updating.
 What are the limitations of a Content Management System (CMS)?
If your company wants to significantly change your Web site’s layout graphics (visuals) somewhere, and this specific desire hasn’t been taken into account when building a custom content management system for you, you will most likely need (X)HTML coding help for this. If you require a custom Flash animation feature, there is no content management system available for that. In general, any website element or feature that is unique in its nature, doesn’t repeat with its style, need to be typically custom hard coded into your site. Content Management System foremost addresses your existing site’s content growth needs and web master edits. It follows a certain structure and logic that is mapped out when planning your company’s website.
 What type of user support do you provide?
As our client you are our priority. We provide:

• Phone support, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm
• Email support, Monday - Sunday
• Support via Skype with screen sharing
• Support via iChat with screen sharing
• Meeting in person in Austin (DFW) and Austin metroplex areas
• Promptly testing and fixing any reported issues
• Developing, integrating and testing new CMS features and upgrades accordingly

Our response time during business hours and business days for emailing back is about 1 - 2 hours, responding to missed phone calls about 1 - 3 hours, scheduling a conference "webinar" about 1 day, and meeting in person (Austin or Austin) about 1 - 3 business days.

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin