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Brand Focused, Technology Driven. Full Service Web Development Company in Austin, TX! Welcome to our website! Interaria is an established and leading web design and development company that delivers a full cluster of modern Web and mobile media solutions:

1)  Website Design & Development
2)  Advanced Web Application Development
3)  Custom Content Management Systems
4)  iPhone & Mobile Media Development
5)  Search Engine and Social Media Optimization

Serving business clients in Texas, in Austin, DFW metroplex and Austin metroplex areas, Interaria creates effective commercial Web design developed with the highest Web technology standards, and delivered with a positive and client-focused approach. Interaria is a leading PHP/MySQL agency and Web application developer in Texas. We are a one-stop-company where effective target audience driven and brand sensitive Web design meets with all modern Web and database technology and platform solutions. Our corporate and professional clientele represents a great variety of industries such as business consulting, software development, engineering, aid work, real estate & property development, and financial services and investment.

Five Critical Questions to Ask When Selecting a Service Provider (Web Design Company):
1) Can the service provider clearly showcase prior work and project management experience?
Many web design companies show only small screens of websites in their portfolios without any links to the actual website and very little information if any about the work involved. Often times this makes it very difficult to evaluate the actual product as the focus is only on the limited size visual without any access to test the functionality and web technologies used on the final product. Hiding this much significant information may be a red flag. Request access to real samples and ask the company to provide real links to at least 10 - 20 finalized projects. Request to know what the company’s actual involvement and work load was. Often times a freelancer, for instance, might be involved with a small piece of production, but then ends up claiming a full credit of the final product. Interaria showcases over 45 website design and development projects in its company portfolio, most with real live web links to the actual final product. Each featured project is showcased with a case study that outlines our work involved in developing the website. We believe that clients have the right to access and evaluate past work.

2) Can the service provider program with modern Web code languages?
Does the service provider know how to program with HTML5, XML, AJAX, PHP and MySQL? If yes, what is the proof and prior experience? If not, what are the reasons that these code languages are not needed? Make sure that you will receive a final product that is developed and coded with the latest and most modern code languages. This guarantees an elegant and consistent user experience and a longer life line for your website. It also makes it easier to integrate content management systems, secure client login systems, and database driven custom Web applications to your website. Interaria is efficient in modern Web technologies, and for instance is one of the leading PHP/MySQL web application development agencies in Texas.

3) Can the service provider program Web applications required for dynamic and modern user experiences?
Today it is not necessarily enough that the service provider provides HTML code without any dynamic database integrations. Modern web sites often require several custom web applications such as customer registration and login systems, my account systems, custom searches to content, ability to save search results, and ability manage content with a database driven content management system. It is crucial to find real answers and knowledge on the service providers abilities and service offerings in order to make sure that the website development project can be completed successfully. Interaria has a strong side as a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency. Our team codes efficiently in PHP/MySQL programming languages to create even the most demanding data base driven modern Web technology solutions.

4) Can the service provider offer a content management system and support it?
A modern web site development company should be able to offer at least a simple content management system. Downplaying the need for a content management system should be a warning sign (Typical downplay arguments: "very expensive to develop", "takes time to learn how to use", "our team can update your site for you"). Modern content management systems should be easy to use (with a short learning curve) and they should adapt to the website design without forcing it to any pre-existing template or structure. Many companies offer Joomla as their solution for content management. Joomla is an open source content management system that is not developed by the service provider. In consequence, the service provider offering Joomla will likely not be able to fix any bugs found in it or custom code web applications to expand it. Interaria is not completely against Joomla but provides this warning for any business considering to rely solely on Joomla. Interaria relies on our in-house PHP/MySQL database development and programming expertise for developing database driven Web application based custom content management systems. Our content management systems can be integrated to manage several other PHP/MySQL custom web applications such as client account systems or document management systems. We offer full support to all of PHP/MySQL code and functions. -- And not to get alarmed, if your company some reason requires Joomla, we can look into this as well.

5) Can the service provider offer mobile media solutions?
Don’t ignore the growing audience accessing Web via mobile devices. Request to know how the developed website would be viewable and interactive via mobile devices. For instance, at the moment Apple does not support the Flash player on iPhones and iPads. Your company might want to also consider a separate mobile version of its website designed specifically for iPhone users. Can the service provider integrate your web applications (database) to this version? Interaria offers modern mobile media development services as part of our web design and development projects.

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