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Developing your company’s Web site code with a database driven code language - such as PHP/MySQL - literally puts your company to the driver’s seat with almost endless possibilities where to drive and take your company. In short, your Web site’s dynamic base make it possible develop and integrate a variety of dynamic user features and applications that increase your Web site’s levels of interactivity, manageability, and personalized custom feel. Interaria recommends to have your company’s Web site developed on a PHP/MySQL code platform if your company (ever) considers to:
  • Grow text, document and image content on the Web site
  • Update the Web site frequently
  • Share the update responsibility by many staff members within the company
  • Post password protected data for customers
  • Create a customer registration system with customer "My accounts"
  • Create dynamic online forms that adjust and collect information based on already given answers
  • Provide messages to customers or members based on their user behavior on the site
  • Create search and save functionalities to product catalog or other listings
  • Create an online store
  • Manage store inventory by utilizing a Web based application
  • Store contact form inquiries for customer relations management and analysis
  • Develop social networking functionalities
  • Develop Web based applications
  • ... and more.

 User Accounts 
Interaria specializes in designing websites that require secure user registration and user login areas, following with user accounts and user pages according to the specifications of the website’s business model. For instance, user accounts are needed if your site offers member-specific customizable data that cannot be accessed by unregistered visitors. Examples of type of website that utilize user-acounts are many; the most common include websites with online stores, game websites, social networking websites, online directories, discussion forums, and any other sites where the business model finds it beneficial that frequent visitors or clients have member accounts in place that allow them to login to access their member specific data.

Your company might want to provide information and documents securely on your website for specified clients, customers or accounts. A Client Accounts system let’s you set up password protected client accounts for each of your client and post client specific documents and information to their private online Web page. With a clean, easy-to-use back-end interface posting documents for clients is easy and hassle-free. We can develop a hierarchy system for different levels of file types, such as files to be posted for all clients, files to be posted for specific type of clients, and files to be posted only for one specific client account.

 Searchable Content 
With a dynamic data driven website, your website’s document, text and image content can be made searchable according to given variables. Developing a database for searchable content is recommended when the site contains a heavy amount of content and the visitor needs to find information according to his/her specifications. Typical search features are custom searches to an extensive product catalog combined with different viewing options, custom searches to a project portfolio, keyword searches to an informational content, and ability to save search queries and results on websites with user accounts. Searches on the website set an active, dynamic feel increasing the interactivity with the visitor and potentially the user-time spent on the website. The more customized information you wish to provide and the further you want to pinpoint your customers individualized needs, the more important it is to develop and utilize a solid database solution for your website.

 Member Features 
Member features typically require user registration or account validation by site’s Admin. Examples of type of websites that offer special features for its members are many; the most common include online stores, online booking websites, game websites, social networking websites, online directories, discussion forums, and any other sites where the business model finds it beneficial that frequent users have member accounts in place.

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