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 Choosing a web host plan 
A web hosting service makes your website accessible via the World Wide Web. If your company has an existing relationship with a reliable Web hosting company and Web server and you’d like to continue this relationship, we can work with them, assuming they can provide an environment meeting the technical requiremnts we need such as running PHP 4+ and MySQL 5+. Please contact us for more information about your Web hosting options.

If you are interested in changing the host or setting up a new Web host account for your new site Interaria will recommend Web hosting accounts by Web host companies according to your company’s needs and our first-hand experience. We do not re-sell any Web hosting plans and in fact we prefer that your company establishes an independent relationship with your Web host. With us, you will always know where your site is hosted and we guarantee that your name will be the name of the owner and contact when registering to a web host account and even more importantly, your domain name(s).

 A dedicated server or a shared hosting environment? 
A dedicated server allows a greater customization and flexibility of the Web server than a shared hosting environment. On the other hand, shared hosting plans normally offer higher bandwidth and storage allotments at a lower cost.

The factors to consider are:
1) How many visitors do you expect on a regular basis?
2) Do you anticipate the occasional very large spikes in traffic to your site?
3) Are you currently or do you intend to run any database driven Web applications on your site?
4) How significant is the cost factor/what is your hosting budget?

Depending on your answers, Interaria can make a recommendation. Contact Austin Web Design company Interaria for questions about choosing an optimal Web hosting plan.

 friendly reminder: don’t lose your web hosting information! 
Sounds obscure to even state that but in fact in too many cases we’ve been called in to solve companies’ hosting and domain name registration issues when they’ve lost control and contact over their own site’s hosting account and even worse over their domain name registrant info.

Your company’s domain name should be your company’s number one property. Your company’s Web hosting account turns on the lights to the property making it viewable and accessible. Someone in your company needs to know how to find the property and where the light switch is!

Please make sure that your company knows:
  • Who is in charge of renewing your company’s domain name (.com url addresses)?
  • Who is in charge of making sure that the company renews its web hosting account annually and avoids therefore the risk of their site from going down?
Often times these type of questions don’t get addressed or do get addressed briefly but then the staff changes and all information is gone with the wind. This is unacceptable. Your company should make its number one priority to make sure that your company’s domain name registration and web hosting information is stored and annually monitored safely and securely. Your domain name, where your web hosting account will be tied to, is your virtual property, and in case you at all care for this property, you need to make sure that you know where it resides and in whose name. We recommend that you share this information with several key players in your company, and make sure that if any of them leaves, they will pass on the information who ever is going to take their seat.

You might also want to answer: "Interaria is in charge." Yes, we potentially can be, but what happens if you at some point lose contact with us, say your company relocates to another area or the person in charge of communicating with us leaves the company. We can store the information for you but do not take on this liability.

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