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 Mapping Special Features 
A good, effective technical planning on all requested site features smoothens and fastens the entire website development process. For us to be able to provide an accurate quote, timeframe and Web development plan, we need to gain an idea on not only the page scale of the proposed site but also some details on the feature set your company is looking for:
  • Will your company’s website require user accounts and user login system?
  • Will your company’s website require programming or integrating special Web applications?
  • Will there be any payment gateways for online payments?
  • Will the site utilize multiple online forms?
  • Will there be a special user forum?
  • Do you require integrating a blog to your site?
  • Will there be photo slide shows?
  • Do you intend your site to have animations or other Flash media?
  • Do you require a CMS solution to upload new content in?
  • Do you require a CMS solution for creating new pages and URLs to the website?
  • Will your site have video content?

 Technical Development Plan 
We are not expecting you to have all or even any answers ready when contacting us. During our consultation meetings we will walk you through all questions, explore and explain different options, and provide more detailed information including detailed development quote for the required features. Because many technical features do require advanced technical database and code programming along with solid development time, establishing a balance between goals, budget, expectations and priority levels will be all taken into account. For instance, if you are planning to update a certain page only once a year, then custom coding an elaborate Content Management System (CMS) for that task may not be what you need and should be paying for. On the other hand, if you are planning to create a News section for your website with daily or weekly changing news bullets and PDFs, you may very well be interested in having a custom content management system that can be easily used practically by anyone in your company, without any involvement of HTML skilled IT staff.

 About Content Management System 
With a dynamic Content Management Solution in place, our clients are not looking at a static website but are able to manage and increase the content on their site without any ties to us or our website. For instance, a CMS solution sets our client to independently manage and expand their project portfolios, upload newsletters to their website, and edit and manage their text and image content, all through a client’s special Admin interface.

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Interaria Web Design Dallas