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User Testing 
There is no better feedback than an honest testing from a test user or end-user of the site. We’ve demonstrated skills to notice errors, typos and inconsistencies where other users have not noticed anything. We ask critical questions even if it translates to more time for further development. In summary, when it comes to our work we are self-critical.

If your company would like to organize extensive user testing by hired test users for feedback during the development of your new site, we welcome this as a very positive step to receive additional feedback. In fact, this can be a very important step when developing an extensive data-driven website with member accounts and special application features.

 Visual Testing 
We typically at a minimum develop Web media for the following latest browsers:
• PC Internet Explorer 7
• PC Firefox 2
• MAC Safari 2
• MAC Firefox 2

We make sure that the website’s text renders properly, and that all intended site features function well and are accessible. If adjustments are needed at this point to achieve greater browser compatibility, they are made. It is our responsibility to make sure that your site looks good when viewed with different browsers and different computer screens. Please contact us for more information.

 Technical Testing 
Interaria follows the latest Web validation tools and standards for websites. We are very much interested in validating any code we program, but do see limits for liability in cases where several teams are working on a project. Also, we regard that as great as technical testing is, visual testing and user testing are at least or even more important. Technical testing and code validation should, in our view, be used as a guiding tool to refine and sophisticate code, and not used as the only measurement when evaluating the final results. Please contact us for more information on out take on site validation and what it can mean in the context of your website.

 Special Site Requirements 
If your site has a special user groups with special requirements for using the Web such as the case with users with vision impairments, we will take this into account during the Web architecture planning and mapping, and test the development results against the criteria set in the associated testing standards.

Interaria Web Design Dallas
Interaria Web Design Dallas