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Interaria is a PHP/MySQL driven Web development agency. PHP/MySQL is today one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database driven content rich Web sites and Web applications. PHP and MySQL are open source computer programming languages which means that thousands of PHP/MySQL code developers and engineers worldwide contribute to the development of the language, making it richer, more adaptable and more dynamic than any other database coding language combinations. Companies and institutions worldwide are choosing to develop their Web sites utilizing PHP/MySQL. For instance, Facebook supports and utilizes PHP/MySQL and has also contributed back to the PHP/MySQL development.

Utilizing and developing PHP/MySQL code doesn’t require entering into any expensive licensing contracts. Because Interaria has access as a PHP community member to custom develop databases and Web applications with PHP and MySQL, we can offer competitive development rates without hidden costs passed on to our clients. This makes PHP/MySQL a very attractive and economical option for companies and organizations of all sizes.

As always, we are happy to answer to any of your web design/development/database development questions. Please contact Interaria at 214-909-3900 (Austin) or 512-300-9286 (Austin).

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin