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We know: Some web developers are resistant when it comes to Flash design. Austin Web Studio regards that there is nothing wrong with Flash, only in the way it is sometimes used at semi-professional levels. Flash media comes in all forms as do any HTML based web designs. The irony is that those developers who oppose Flash are usually threatened by its power or intimidated by its technical challenges.

These days Flash loads fast on most computers and despite the disbelief, Flash sites can be optimized for search engines. Older computers using graphic cards from the late 1990's will still struggle with rendering a large-scale Flash site; we understand this and recommend offering a low bandwidth HTML version of your web site for this target audience of users.

There are no black and white choices but by analyzing your target audience and business environment thoroughly, we can identify what is best for you. Our job is to inform you about all your options when it comes to choosing the right technical format for your web presence.

For whichever format chosen, Austin Web Studio believes in creating a coherent and solid corporate identity that doesn't confuse or send mixed messages to the target audience.


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Offering professional Flash animation, web design and web site redesign solutions. Consider the effect of coherent visual branding. We will deliver a solid, creative, and technically advanced web site design solution for your company.

Austin Web Studio focuses on providing web design solutions in even the most demanding business environments by designing highly customized web design products utilizing the latest web site technologies. Our web site design services include custom programming in HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, JAVA, Perl, PHP, MYSQL, ACCESS, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, and Actionscript (FLASH).

Locally based Austin web design firm, Austin Web Studio specializes in building multimedia rich, dynamic web sites.
Flash animation services include Flash intros, Flash banners, Flash presentations, music, Flash video, 3D Flash, and feature rich complete Flash web sites.

Austin Web Studio also offers search engine optimizations (SEO) and print media design services including logos, business cards, brochures, and flyers for supporting your web image, web page, or web site. Austin Web Studio offers online services including e-newsletters and e-mail campaigns. Austin Web Studio offers fair pricing for complete web design and web site design package pricing determined by the client's needs (not according to the number of pages, images etc).

Austin Web Studio has a current rate of turn over for constructing a new web site or web design project at about 8 weeks. For NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, each year, Austin Web Studio is willing to offer its web design services at lower rates for a small number of non-profit organizations doing important and valuable volunteer work. Please contact us for more information.

Current clients are located in Austin (Texas), Dallas (Texas), Ft.Worth (Texas), Denton (Texas), New York (New York), London (UK), and Helsinki (Finland).



- HTML web site design
- Flash web site design
- HTML/Flash integration web site design
- Flash web site and HTML web site design
- E-commerce (fully customized and secure online stores)


- Flash intros
- Flash banners
- Flash presentations
- Flash Audio and Flash Video
- Complex Flash 3D animation

Our aim is always to find and implement web site solutions using the latest web techonologies that empower your business by allowing easy and fast updates to your web site. We don't tie your business down on monthly plans but give your company full access to all the files we have designed for you. We work closely together with our clients for guaranteeing that the final product meets or exceeds their expectations. We are always open for comments and suggestions but at the same time take full artistic responsibility for the final product.

We believe the proper utilization of Flash media is an effective way of creating a strong and professional web presence. It is your company's business environment and needs that are the main focus of each decision we make together. We create only the kind of web presence that pushes us both forward. That makes us a safe choice and a loyal web partner.

Please contact us for a detailed price esitimate. We will evaluate the web site options and needs of your business free of charge.

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Please note that in 2006, Austin web design company Austin Web Studio, working originally only out of Austin, changed its name to INTERARIA ( to better reflect that the company’s web design and web development client base had extended beyond the Austin metro area into Texas to include businesses with offices located in the Dallas Metroplex region as well as the Houston and San Antonio markets.