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Branding strategy
Web site identity narrative and graphics design
XHTML programming
Contact form
Flash banner animation


Vital Insight helps companies maximize their investments in compliance and Enterprise Risk Management. The identified identity design attributes for the website included "modern, corporate, leading, skilled". To convey this competitive tone Interaria introduced a narrative of sailing, ocean water and waves. A crisp corporate color and graphics scheme together with a high-end imagery reflect skillful mastering even in the most challenging business environment. The shapes in the sail reflect the shapes and gradients of Vital Insight's logo, and the lighthouse imagery reflects insight, special knowledge and wisdom, ability to grasp large concepts.

The classic design and controlled color palette keeps the site fresh and clean, providing an effective and respectful platform for Vital Insight's business and client communication.

Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

URL: http://www.vitalinsight.com

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Interaria Web Design Austin