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Branding strategy
Web site identity narrative and Web site graphics design
XHTML/PHP programming
CSS development
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RH2, an Austin, Texas based public policy consulting company, provides consulting services for government, state and various social and healthcare organizations.

Interaria designed RH2 website to communicate a strong, coherent narrative of which tangible and clear imagery focuses on the notions of real help and real solutions. The chosen brand colors of blue and red constitute an all American feel to the website making it apparent that RH2 is ready to serve a wide variety of organizations with an open and committed approach. The corporate and organized layout of the website sets the company to the competitive, contract-winning framework: with the consulting help from RH2, navigating in the complex sea of public policy issues becomes a whole lot easier.

URL: http://www.rhtwo.com

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin