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Website brand identity and layout graphics design
Web Architecture (user experience) visualization
Logo design
Game Board design
Player icon designs
XHTML coding
CSS development
PHP/MySQL Database design and development
Database integration
XML driven Flash text animation
Promotional Flash page
Back-end Administration Area design
User testing

Developed Feature Sets Include:
- New User Registration interface
- Login interface
- Password retrieval interface
- Change password interface
- User Profile View/Edit interface
- Host a Football Pot interface including setting team names, customized game rules, dates, game description etc.
- Player invitation system
- Join a Football Pot interface
- Game control functionalities: open, invite, clear, close, lock
- Choose a Player Icon system
- Reserve a Square / Lock a Square system
- Automated emails
- View and Manage Hosted and Joined Football Pots system
- Game results processing and announcement system

Design Elements:


A full custom Web design and development of a recreational game website and online application that let's members host, join and play Football Pot games online. Football Pot (sometimes referred to as Football Pool or Football Squares) is a game like bingo but where the winning square is determined by the outcome a sports game rather than picking the winning numbers out of a hat. This website is meant for entertainment only and is not a gambling website (and doesn't include any monetary transactions or monetary tracking programming whatsoever). The site allows friends and office colleagues to join on a friendly game that is fully customized according to the Host's specifications.

FootballPot.com showcases the synergy of all Interaria team members working seamlessly together on a project. The development of the site called for a tight communication and planning work from the graphics and usability designer, the XHTML Web developer, the PHP/MySQL database developer along with the tight project management and interaction with the client.

The website was designed to emphasize dynamic contextual user-specific information displays on the left column of each page. The design makes sure that users stay on track of their latest hosted and joined games, and that taking the next action is user-intuitive.

From the development point of view, FootballPot.com is one of the few websites that offer a fully customized and integrated online application without having to download any external software. The focus of the development was on the one hand to precisely develop the code according to the client's specific expertise on the game and rules set process, and on the other hand provide solutions on the user-flow, dynamic feedback messages, organization of the game board page and various other user features.

The game board design was honed to the extreme with custom icon designs and dynamic game board displays. Each player can choose they own icon that will be reflected on the game board along with their screen name. The game board page displays dynamic information of players, rules, instructions and results. The automated email systems with new player invitations and winner announcements make managing of the game easy for the Host.

URL: http://www.footballpot.com

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin