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Brand identity concept
Website graphics design
Layout structure
XHTML code
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360 Solutions provides to corporate business trainers training materials and starter packages for them to independently and successfully start and manage their training businesses. This website speaks directly to their audience, "strategic partners"; creates 360 Solutions community feel and provides information and material links in a straightforward manner.

Interaria created a brand identity by using a dark color palette and contrasting it with gold tones, communicating clearly in a straight forward way the positive value and benefits of joining the 360 Solutions community of strategic partners. The home page provides a platform for the 360 Solutions' latest video messages establishing a modern community feel. By keeping the site's identity visuals economical, the site's further growth will be fast to deploy by the 360 IT staff without additional head aches of choosing more photos or other required visuals. The head banner image reinforces the message keeping it very clear that the 360 Solutions 3-step process will lead to success.

Additional Information:

Interaria provided the brand identity & website graphics design, and the core coding of the website. Upon completing the project successfully, the website's new content is maintained, updated, and coded in by 360 Solution's own IT department. Therefore we request viewing and assessing the site as one example of our branding, graphics design and core coding work (vs. assessing all site's content structure and details).

URL: http://www.360strategicpartner.com

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin