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Brand identity design
Website graphics and layout design
Information and content architecture plan and visualization
XHTML code
PHP/MySQL database code
CSS development
Complete Interaria CMS system

Interaria CMS:
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FinnWID - Finnish Women in Development is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered in Finland of which work includes for instance supporting a development project in Ghana that aims to improve the income generation and education possibilities for women.

Interaria was called in for a good cause, and we took on the challenge. We tackled the FinnWid's site development from all angles. First we defined a modern brand identity concept for FinnWid following it up with the site's graphics identity design process. We also identified the required information structures and architecture needs for the site’s content management such as the need for special features such as newsletter upload system, photo gallery, requirements for the use of photos and so on. All design files were then coded with XHTML, and integrated with PHP/MySQL based database driven code.

In summary, the website’s solid database driven Web code developed by Interaria sets the site's administrator to grow the website without compromising or jeopardizing the stability of the site's established brand identity and layout styles.

Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

URL: http://www.finnwid.fi

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin