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Web site brand identity
Web graphics and layout design
XHTML code
PHP / MySQL database code
PHP/MySQL driven Flash banner update system
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for text content
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for image content
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for PDF files
Admin Area for managing CMS driven content
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Optimization

Design Elements:

Interaria CMS:
Austin & Austin Web Design & Web Development. Adobe Flash Design, Flash websites, Animation and Applications. Please turn Javascript on.


Revitalize Laser & Aesthetics Clinic in Dallas, Texas is a leading provider of aesthetic laser and skin rejuvenation treatments. For instance, Revitalize Laser & Aesthetics Clinic is the only center in Denton County that offers sublative (beyond fraxel) skin rejuvenation - one of the most exciting new skin rejuvenation treatments available. Interaria was called in to design and develop a comprehensive, professional Web presence for Revitalize Laser. Interaria delivered a full cluster of products: The website features modern custom designed identity and layout, modern XHTML code, data base driven custom coded PHP/MySQL content management system, custom Web application for Promotions management, social media integrations (including data driven social media optimization code for data driven sub pages) for active participation in social media, and search engine optimized code and content.

The consistent color palette was designed to establish a sophisticated and disciplined look and the Web design's refined imagery further creates a professional and respectful brand identity position, emphasizing the mission of Revitalize Laser - to provide "the safest, most effective aesthetic treatments available in a professional, caring and relaxing environment". The web site's administrator has an access to fully integrated PHP/MySQL data base driven custom coded content management system for the ability to add and edit new text, image and data content on all pages of the website. Likewise, Interaria's content management system let's the client independently add new sub pages to the website and organize their order of appearance. The website is integrated to the social media with integrated Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Project in Detail

• Create high-end, professional brand identity design for Web
• Provide a calm peaceful environment to learn about different laser treatments
• Establish a consistent interaction point with website, social media, and print promotions
• Make all media available via website

• Modern wide screen Web graphics
• Consistent color palette to establish sophisticated and disciplined professional look
• Utilizing wide-screen layout in displaying content
• Use of refined imagery to create calm peaceful brand identity position

• Featured Promotions on the Home page
• Easy access for navigation, both drop-down menu and page side menu bars
• Possibility to grow number of pages as much as needed with expanding menu system
• Call to action to get started on the home page ("What is your primary skin concern?")
• Visual icon links
• Site-wide interlinking of pages
• Integrated Google maps for location

• Optimized Web Graphics: Optimized Web Graphics for the Web with pixel level precision for speeding page load times.

• Custom XHTML programming: Custom coded Extensible HTML (XHTML) coded page layout structure optimized for decreasing page load times.

• Custom CSS programming: Custom coded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for defining the website's look and style in one centralized file.

• SSI / PHP programming: Custom coded Server Side Includes (PHP) which breaks the XHTML coded page into sections which further increases page caching and speeds load times.

• Custom Javascript, AJAX programming & Widgets: 1) Custom coded HTML and javascript for the display of Flash elements. 2) Javascript coded Drop down menu system. 3) Google Maps Widget integration

• Custom programming all website files for use with the Interaria CMS: Website code conversion to custom PHP/MySQL for integrating with the Interaria CMS (a web application framework and web content publishing engine).

Custom programming the Interaria CMS for managing the website including:
• Fully integrated content management system for ability to add and edit new text and image content to all pages of the website
• Full control to edit and add new content to the site without any HTML skills
• Ability to change and upload promotions on the Home page Flash animation
• Ability to change and upload conditions and treatments icon images
• Ability to generate new subpages (with correct menu bar tabs) without any coding skills 
• Ability to change the order of appearance of sub pages and update submenus
• Ability to style text beyond set CSS styles via the built-in text editor
• Ability to upload and manage PDF promotion documents

• Optimizing metatags, titles, and description tags
• Extensive Interlinking
• Social Media Optimization
• Following & improving search results

Work includes:
• Setting up, customizing and integrating a blog to the Revitalize website
• Social media links featured throughout the site
• Twitter feed
• Twitter "tweet" link sharing integrations
• Facebook "recommend" feature
• Revitalize Laser Twitter page design: background design, customizing layout colors, avatar design
• Revitalize Laser Facebook page design: setting up information, icon design, setting up photo albums
• Interaria Social Media Optimization work kit project
• Social Media Consulting

URL: http://www.revitalizelaser.com

Interaria Web Design Austin
Interaria Web Design Austin