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 Setting Timeline and Responsibilities 
Website is a cross path of company’s unique identity and brand messaging, specified text content/information for the consumer, and technical feature sets that enable the interaction. By now we have an idea of the scale and feature set for your website, but what about the content development? How will your company go about the process of providing copy/text content for the site? Who will be in charge? What is the time frame? Is there already text content available? What about the required photos for the website?

 Creative Writing — Tone of Voice 
There is no one thumb rule how to go about this phase; different companies have different work methods. Our recommendation is that during the first weeks we receive or we develop together some copy to the website such as some introductory text and headings. This is helpful to us for further capture the tone of voice for the site (which may affect/influence the identity design), variety of text styles needed and so on. For the parts where the visual design meets informational messaging (such as slogans, text animation, visual icons with text) we give our creative input.

 Technical Writing 
For extensive technical writing, depending on your company’s preferences you may opt to use our copywriting help, provide all text content prepared by your own staff for us for coding, request a content management system, or utilize your company’s IT staff to code in the content to the site when it becomes available (after we have completed our project.)

 Here to Help 
Our suggestion is that your company takes content development seriously and starts preparing the process as early as possible as this process may take some time. We are here to help with both the creative and the technical writing when and where needed. We give our creative input for photo shooting, and will independently provide suggestions for any use of stock photos.

Interaria Web Design Dallas
Interaria Web Design Dallas