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Launch Steps

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When the developed website has received its final approval by your team, we are ready to take it live.

 During our lauch steps we make sure that: 
  • Everyone in your team is aware that the new site (or feature) is about to be taken live
  • There is a proper back-up copy of your old website
  • New server is properly set up to support all file types and code in/of the new site
  • Everyone in the team is informed that it may take some time for the new site to appear in different locations; we do not recommend taking the site live during your company’s busiest online hours
  • Your company’s email accounts should not go down in case of change in set up of different servers; all technical teams are communicating
  • All Web applications and online forms are immediately tested for making sure they work on your server
  • Your company has a plan of action how to proceed with immediate user-feedback
  • Interaria team gives special attention to the site during the first 48 hours of its live time

Interaria Web Design Dallas
Interaria Web Design Dallas