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Interaria specializes in developing Content Management Systems (CMS) that increase the life span and dynamic nature of the website. Our Content Management solutions constitute of custom developed Web applications integrated to your company’s website and fully planned according to your company’s website update and growth needs. Our Content Management solutions are custom coded in PHP/MySQL database programming language.

Interaria has been developing for several years now custom Content Management solutions for our clients. We do not just integrate open source Content Management systems with our websites and call them our own. Our Content Management systems are custom coded with PHP/MySQL database language, and each feature is fully customized according to the website development needs of our clients. We do utilize some open source aspects (such as text editor) but unlike most public content management systems, our system is always customized to make each design and style possible never the other way around. Because we develop our database driven Web applications in-house we are able to code them according to each of our client’s unique and specific needs.

With a dynamic Content Management solution in place, our clients are not looking at a static website but are able to manage and increase the content on their site without any ties to us or our website and without any requirements for HTML coding skills.

Interaria’s CMS solutions set our clients independently to
Interaria PHP/MySQL Database Driven Content Management
  • Add and edit website’s text content
  • Publish, re-organize, delete and re-size website’s image content
  • Manage and expand project portfolios (always a custom solution based on client’s needs)
  • Manage and expand product catalogs (always a custom solution based on client’s needs)
  • Manage and expand team and staff pages
  • Publish, organize and index/categorize (for search results) newsletters, press releases, resource documents
  • Upload photos with titles and text descriptions to a slide show
  • Generate new subpages with new content (that follow a pre-set structural logic; different format options possible)
  • Publish content for public or turn its status ’off-line’

— This is all done through a custom designed, password protected special Admin interface that resides in the client’s website and web server, and all without any requirements for HTML skills or code knowledge.

Interaria’s content management systems are always full custom development solutions based on the real web update and content growth needs and goals by each of our client:

 When should my company consider a Content Management System (CMS)? 
Content Management System is a database integrated custom Web application that a website owner can login to and use for updating website’s text and image content without special coding such as HTML development skills. Even with HTML skilled staff in hand, CMS should be considered for streamlining frequent Web Master work on sections that require frequent updates (such as News, Events, Projects) as it reduces the total work time and decreases chances for coding errors or code typos. Interaria always custom designs and codes CMS so that your site’s future content growth takes place according to the set design and Web architecture structure established during the site’s "Message & Design" phase.

 What are the benefits of having a Content Management System? 
The benefits of utilizing and building up your company’s website content through CMS are:
  • Minimizing visual styling errors during site updates by using already set style options

  • Faster overall update time

  • Streamlined update routine, no chaos

  • Update responsibilities are not tied to IT personnel

  • Empowerment to edit and add content to the site as often and and as much and as little as needed without worrying about update costs

  • Generated content can be tied to database for custom searches on the website

  • Photo upload system may re-size photos for the Web (with no requirement to use Photoshop or some other image edit program)

  • Interaria utilizes PHP/MySQL programming language for custom programming CMS code and systems. PHP is an open source based programming language with no ties to expensive software or server licenses for your company (such as not the case with cold fusion based code for instance). PHP is a very widely accepted and popular code language, and today a lot of large companies choose to develop their sites on a PHP platform after experiencing continuous hick-ups with other programming languages that used to be regarded as more commercial.

  • Interaria is a design driven Web media agency. Our CMS solutions are coded for fully custom designed websites according to your company’s brand messaging and identity design needs. Unlike template CMS solutions, Interaria’s CMS solution gives us free hands to design each site the way we want it. Our design and technology team work hand in hand making sure everything in your site is in balance. Our sophisticated technology solutions enable us to code brand focused graphics design content in each website and systemize it for CMS solutions where needed.

Custom CMS Development Please visit Interaria Content Management (CMS) section for more information and more examples.

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