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The Heart Center of North Texas

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Web brand position and strategy
Web site layout and page graphics illustrations
Image choices
Partial content writing (Home, Healthy Eating)
XHTML code
PHP / MySQL database code
XML driven Flash banner animation concept
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for text content
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for image content
Interaria Content Management System (CMS) for PDF files
Admin Area for managing CMS driven content

Design Elements:

Interaria CMS:
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Project Summary
The Heart Center of North Texas (HCNTX) is a leading provider of cardiovascular medicine in North Texas. As of 2010 it was time for the HCNTX to take its first step on to the Web - this website is not only brand new but it is also the first website for HCNTX in the practice's 30+ year history. Working with an established and prominent practice gave Interaria the opportunity to establish strong and cohesive identity design that engages the audience with respect, positive confidence and consistency.

The website's brand identity is established on HCNTX logo color red which we opted to use as a brighter and stronger hue. The red identity elements were then integrated with medical blue tones along with silver gradients, building up a brand position of an engaging, professional, experienced and modern practice. The imagery gently follows and builds up on the heart theme. Close-up visuals of nature, natural elements and human faces include and invite by setting an open and respectful tone.

Interaria also wanted to make sure that the site provides a platform for future growth of the content and structure, and that the site can become a true interaction point between the service provider and patients. The majority of the image, document and text content on the website is data driven by Interaria's PHP/MySQL based CMS code and solution. The administrator of the website has the freedom to login to a special admin area and change banner photos via a simple image upload system. Likewise most page text content can be edited via the CMS without any HTML or other coding skills.


Project in Detail

• Position HCNTX as a leading cardiovascular center in North Texas.
• Communicate a consistent identity tone of a high-end, modern medical practice.
• Establish a significant placement of the center's building and location for local recognition.
• Provide a significant resource for medical treatment information on cardiovascular disease.
• Mesh in a positive, friendly, respectful, non-confrontational and discreet feel.

• Modern wide screen Web graphics integrated with a page layout style: modern, tangible message of real value
• Consistent color palette of blue (medical tone, trustworthy reliable, main stream) red (HCNTX brand color), and silver tone gray (industry leading, high-tech, modern, professional)
• Use of engaging and upbeat imagery to symbol cardiovascular themes

• Easy access for navigation, both drop-down menu and page side menu bars
• Possibility to grow number of pages as much as needed with expanding menu system
• Quick links on the Home page to access important medical forms
• Integrated Google maps for location and driving instructions

• Optimized Web Graphics: Optimized Web Graphics for the Web with pixel level precision for speeding page load times.

•Custom XHTML programming: Custom coded Extensible HTML (XHTML) coded page layout structure optimized for decreasing page load times.

•Custom CSS programming: Custom coded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for defining the website's look and style in one centralized file.

• SSI / PHP programming: Custom coded Server Side Includes (PHP) which breaks the XHTML coded page into sections which further increases page caching and speeds load times.

• Custom Javascript, AJAX programming & Widgets: 1) Custom coded HTML and javascript for the display of Flash elements. 2) Javascript coded Drop down menu system. 3) Google Maps Widget integration

• Custom programming all website files for use with the Interaria CMS: Website code conversion to custom PHP/MySQL for integrating with the Interaria CMS (a web application framework and web content publishing engine).

Custom programming the Interaria CMS for managing the website
• Fully integrated content management system for ability to add and edit new text and image content to all pages of the website
• Full control to edit and add new content to the site without any HTML skills
• Ability to change and upload new banner images
• Ability to generate new subpages (with correct menu bar tabs) without any coding skills 
• Ability to change the order of appearance of sub pages and update submenus
• Ability to style text beyond set CSS styles via the built-in text editor
• Ability to upload and manage image and documents libraries

• Optimizing metatags, titles, and description tags
• Keyword analysis
• Following & improving search results

Currently on going. Work is scheduled to include:
• Integrating a blog for recent news and medical information
• Integrating social media sharing links to informational pages
• Establishing a Twitter page and policy for modern communication
• Integrating social media icons to the website
• Creating backlinks to HCNTX and establishing active participation is industry related social media (medicine, cardiovascular, regional media).

Additional Information:

Please contact Dallas Web Design Company Interaria at 214-909-3900 for more information about this project or our Web design and development services.

URL: http://www.heartcenterntx.com

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